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uhh…i know you love it when I speak dirty ( especially 4 G. )

9 Feb

Every time someone bothers us we have the tendency to say something like “kiss my ass”. To be honest, although I used it a few times I never really thought of how awful that would be. I mean, if someone really pissed you off and you try hard to find the right revenge for him/her, I wouln’t advise you to use that quote. It lacks originality and I’m sure that it would be as disgusting as it is for that person. But I found something which, in my case, would suit my goal. If you managed to make me really angry then you can kiss this ass:


The model from the photograph is a cute goat I found at the Wild Animal Park . I think it is somehow in danger of extinction and that’s too bad. But itsĀ  photo will be hanging in here for a while so there’s no need to worry :))