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It’s the same old theme

12 Aug

Ai grija cu ce iti doresti ca s-ar putea sa devina realitate! Asta e cel mai bun sfat pe care sunt in masura sa-l dau acum. Summertime, and the living is easy, fish are jumping…la propriu chiar i-am vazut. But in the end tomorrow is another day, right? And the day after tomorrow will hopefully be better than today and tomorrow.

You want peace? Think again, are you sure you want it? Why? Making war and not love is so damn trendy these days, let’s shoot everything that gets is our way, yey, let’s have some fun, ooohh, that’s so f***ing cool. It’s bloomy hot outside, and our brains melt in the heat 🙂 What a lovely view .

And the most stupid thing is that I’m not easy , and I sure give a damn !