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too much wine….

20 Aug

What’s with the tango ?

Oh well, it’s complicated. Every time I hear it I have a river deep inside which starts flowing in a calm way…until it meets the rocks and it suddenly becomes temperamental. When you hear the tango… it is cold, it’s like the river, but when you dance it, you will feel an enormous quantity of heat inside, like when you’ve got fever and you take an aspirin.

It makes me feel secure, when you’re dancing with a man, and he’s a good leader there’s no chance you can make a wrong step, he holds you tight and leads you in the right direction.  That’s the best part of it, a tango lasts for a few minutes, it’s like in real life. You can’t always have someone to guide your steps so you don’t make any errors.  You get a good advice , and for a few moments you feel like your life flows and manages to make it’s way through the rocks, after that you’re on your own again, the tango has finished.