F! it

28 Nov

Ok, so.. the wonderful thing about being at university is that you ( not all of you, but some of us ) have no freakin’ idea about what you’re doing. Missing lectures, reading like a maniac, no plans for the future, drinking heavily, and sometimes drinking americans under the table ( for f*cuk’s sake some of them are like 12 year-olds! )…staying awake until 6:30 am in order to finish an essay which has to be submitted by 8:45, and…watching sex and the city while drinking wine, instead of wrtiting French assignments. What do you do ? Oh well, wake up in the last minute in the morning, put on the first clothes you find around, move your ass to 4.145 and yawn for a whole hour while trying to do a bloody interview with Edith Piaf who surprinsingly is so f*cking dead. No offense for anyone, not that i would have something against someone, just that i find myself in a ridiculous situation and the only words that come in my mind at this late hour are past-midnight words, which start with F and S. And what a surprise, I haven’t used a shitty word until now. Oh, i’ve just done it.

And tomorrow i find myself in the situation where i just want to get some f*cking sleep but i can’t because i can’t miss the bloody class as i have to imagine some weird questions for a dead person. So in the end, gotta wake up, brush my teeth, try to lock my door for a few times ( twenty or more ), then trying to find a stupid lighter while in the lift, and swearing every f*ucking retard who decided to ban smoking in all kinds of public places, as if smokers wouldn’t be part of the public, then swear the bloody wind for blowing so hard and messing my hair, and finally realize i’m so f*cking late. So, what the f*ck…. im starting my shitty assignment , although i will probably be too sleepy to remember at least 1/15 of it tomorrow.

Have a great night everyone, or i should probably say: Good Morning!

3 Responses to “F! it”

  1. AC December 9, 2008 at 2:51 am #

    daca te-ai lasa de fumat si ai dormi mai mult in loc sa pierzi vremea ca toti freshmenii poate nu ai mai avea atatea probleme :)))

  2. Adelaide Vroshevski December 9, 2008 at 2:56 am #

    Dar am 1st si la assignmentul asta :)) in timp ce altii s-au chinuit o saptamana sa-l faca si au picat, sau au luat cel mult 60 😀

  3. AC December 9, 2008 at 6:02 pm #

    probabil ca altii n-au facut 11 ani de franceza :P:P:P:P

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