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Eastern Europe under Communism – Poland

18 Feb

‘There was something irrational, even aggressive, about the carnivorous obsession that now gripped the Poles…In an act of subconscious aggression, the population was literally eating away the foundations of the political structure.’
(Neal Ascherson, The Polish August: The Self-Limiting Revolution), London, Penguin Books, 1982, p. 117)

One of my passions…el tango

7 Feb

shiny, happy, tiny me

4 Feb

Recently ( actually since i’ve come back from home ), everything that happens to me, and everything i see is somehow related to the Netherlands.
Went to the airport: The passengers for the flight to Amsterdam are invited to check-in. I wish i could have gone there..
Got to England, then I arrived at the Victoria Station- next to me was sitting a Dutch lady who was living in Colchester.
In a week i had to start my Politics essay. The most interesting topic was : ‘Suppose you wanted to see a Dutch type of democracy introduced in Britain.
How would you set about it?’.

Then reading for the Politics class: Politics and government in the Netherlands: Historical background, facts, pilarisation, coalition government, the role of the minorities, theory and practice, comparison between the UK system of government and the Dutch one.

Then, i was in the library, looking for some Garcia Marquez books, but instead i find: ‘ Introduction to Dutch: A practical grammar’.
And 2 days after, i found a Dutch teacher, and after 2 more days, i lost my Dutch teacher. What a shame…een, twee, drie….

Going to London, looking for the tube map. Instead i find a huge advertisement: ‘Visit Amsterdam’.
And finally, got back from the lovely trip, went to the Study Abroad Office, to do the impossible to go to UVA in 2010. Apparently it is not one of the partner institutions, but they assured me that i will do my exchange year in Amsterdam 😀
So i guess i’m happy 🙂 I got good news 🙂