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Going in the right direction?

11 Mar

I really think some people should mind their own business and get a life, instead of sitting all day long, doing nothing, and talking all sorts of things about others. This is not something which has to do with education, economy ( high living standards), or civilisation. It’s pure human nature, and it happens everywhere you go. Still, theft is something serious thing which is reduced by all the factors mentioned above.

You leave your lighter on a table, in a club, on Friday night, come back after 4 hours and find in the same place. Loads of people sat there, still no one took it, as it did not belong to them. Also, you leave your memory stick in a computer from a public lab, come back the next day, and find it exactly where you left it.

There are some things you can’t change about people, like the fact that you can’t change a mean and sly person, but in some respects, the more you go west, the more improvements you see concerning individuals, and the way they behave in the society.