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lluvia de estrellas

12 Aug

13th of August 2008…exactly a year ago, I watched the meteor shower from another place, more exactly, a beach in the South-East of Romania, at the border with Bulgaria. The sky was clear, no clouds like in rainy England. Back then i had my best friends with me, I had a lot of love, and although it was still cold, it was more pleasant than here.

It’s funny how much things change in just one year, and how fast time passes. Who would have thought today i would be staying on a windowpane, in my house, watching the sky from another place, and remembering what happened that night. The most ironic thing is that i’m still at the seaside somehow, without a beach, without a special someone, without any music. And this silance somehow reflects my feelings. No best friends, no romantic night, no crazy, drunk people around me…no cappy tempo de piersici, no headache. I wonder if next year will be better. Will it be romantic again, or lonely like this year? From which part of the world will i watch the shooting stars? Will it be cloudy?

This one is for tango junkies :)

12 Aug

Never, in my entire life, have I seen someone dancing tango like this. As i was saying in a previous post, neotango is not just about the music, it also inspires dancers to be more creative, and improvise moves. I was looking for a nice video for this song to post in my ‘music page’, but this is simply fantastic, and i decided not to post this video just for the great song, but also for the wonderful dance 🙂

modern (feminist) fairytale

8 Aug

Romanian version:

Povestea cea mai scurta si frumoasa pe care ai citit-o vreodata

A fost odata ca nicodata un baiat care i-a cerut unei fete sa se marite cu el.

Fata a spus “NU”.

Si a trait fericita pana la adanci batraneti……..
Fara sa spele,
Fara sa gateasca,
Fara sa calce pentru nimeni,
Iesind cu prietenele ei,
Facand-o cu cine avea chef,
Cheltuindu-si banii pentru ea insasi,
Fara sa lucreze pentru altcineva.

…Problema este ca de mici NU ne spuneau povestile astea…
……….Si ne-au prostit cu tampenia aia cu “Fat-Frumos” …………………

English translation :

The shortest and most beautiful story that you’ve ever read..

There was once a guy who proposed to a girl.
The girl rejected his offer.
And she lived happily ever after,
Without doing laundry for anyone,
Without cooking,
Without ironing for anyone,
Going out with her friends,
Making out with whoever she wanted,
Spending her money on herself,
Without working for anyone else.
The End.

The problem is that when we were little, they didn’t used to tell us such stories,
Instead, they kept telling us that crap with… Prince Charming….

French Translation (by Dana) :

Voici le conte le plus court que tu n’aies jamais lu:

Il etait une fois un garcon, qui demanda la main d’une jeune fille. Le fille répondit non.
Dés lors la jeune fille vécut heureuse,
Sans laver,
Ni cuisiner,
Ni repasser,
Sortant avec ses amis(es),
En baisant avec celui qu’elle voulait,
En travaillant et dépensant son argent comme elle voulait.

Le problĂŞme c’est que depuis que nous sommes toutes petites, on ne nous a jamais racontĂ© ce conte. Et il nous ont bien foutues dans la merde………Avec ce putain de Prince Charmant.

If someone would like to translate the story in another language, you are free to leave a comment 🙂 And i will add it to my post 🙂

Legal stalkers

4 Aug

I have this feeling that once you give you’re number to an Estate Agency, they will chase you for life. Since i was worried that i might not find a place to stay for next year, i went to one of these agencies and gave them my details in case they would have something for me. And since then, there is this lady named Louise that keeps calling me, and most of the times, i miss her calls, and i find a lot of voicemails saying: ‘Hi Adelina, this is Louise from the Letting Shop. I was wondering if you are still looking for properties, please give me a short call back.’

And this lady has called me for so many times, that you could say we are best friends. So this week i decided to call her back, and since i was very angry, my reply was something like this:’Hey Louise, this is Adelina. As you might remember, i came to your agency about 1 year ago and told you i needed to move in about 2 months. Of course I found a property, I can’t live on the street, and you should have figured this out since it passed more than two months since i came to you. So, as I don’t need your services anymore, you can now stop calling me :)’

And a friendly piece of advice…If you’re a student looking for accommodation, don’t go to estate agencies, the fees are not worth it.