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Here comes the rain again

11 Oct

After the madness called freshers week, finally here comes the start of my second year at uni. Not much fun for me during last week, as I don’t enjoy to witness how these young birds just escaped from their parents’ nests and start drinking heavily. After half an hour you need to watch out not to be in the area where all of them start to be sick. Some might say i’m being judgemental, and i did the same last year, but honestly this is not the case. I still remember the pick and mix we had last year, when everyone was shy, trying to find friends they made on facebook before coming to uni. I don’t recall seeing anyone drunk that night, unlike last Sunday when a young lady was vomiting in the sink next to the one where i was washing my hands.

The organisation for freshers fair went well, although it was a pain. Now i can’t wait to go to my 2-hour seminar of Latin American politics tomorrow, and discuss about peronism and populism 🙂 Not looking forward to the Political Analysis lecture i’ll have on Friday though. I can’t see many differences between P.A, and mandarin to be honest. They’re both unknown languages for me.