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Why did we stop blogging?

29 Dec

Is it because it was just a phase that we all had to go through? Is it because we grew up, and now we have more opportunities to enjoy reality, talk personally to people about our ideas and feelings? Maybe it’s because we are all so hard-working that we focus a lot on our academic life. However, all the above mentioned reasons cannot apply to all the people whose blogs i used to read, and now seem to be deserted. Even I almost forgot I had a blog. If i start brainstorming, all the reasons mentioned could apply to me. However, i have this strange feeling, that this blog does not belong to me any more. I can’t write the way i used to. Suddenly i don’t seem to have any more funny stories about unimportant things which happen in my everyday life. Everything is serious. It’s all about politics, human rights, clubs, societies, essays, readings, conferences, lectures, dance shows, charity sales, climate change, dissertation, applications, jobs, events, performances, diplomacy, cooking, deadlines, journals, statistics, politics, politics, politics. No more silly things, adventures, not caring about anything.

But this is just me. And when realizing this, i just wanted to see what happened to other people, what nice things they’re doing , how they’re having fun, nice music they’re discovering, films they’re watching, but..surprise, surprise. Nothing new, no updates, since middle ages. What happened to you people?



27 Dec

I was thinking today I’m such a nerd. Even when i have some free time to relax, and enjoy holidays, i spend it by having weird conversations at insane hours about politics. But today this actually made me think of something. I have always loved history in the most special way, i love to discover every single thing that happened before my humble existence, love going to museums to see how other people lived their lives before me, what they loved as hobbies, their victories, their failures. But today, I realized that while being preoccupied with what happened long ago, makes me ignore the fact that what i am living today, will be history in a few years as well. Therefore, i stopped to think a few minutes, and i realised i am witnessing some events which might be discussed in long chapters in a few years from now.

What will happen to Cuba once Fidel dies, or they officially announce his death, will communism survive without his revolutionary charisma, will there be a carnival on all the streets of the United States of America for 3 days? Can we imagine a democratic Cuba, with foreign influence, would I be wearing one of the last Che Guevara t-shirts to be produced ?

What about China? Is there a slow, almost invisible transition to democracy, which the Chinese have planned very carefully, but we do not have the eyes to see?

We are definitely experiencing an embarrassing period when idiots try to rule the world in the name of peace and freedom, with horrific intentions. Go back to school Mr, read some history, and learn your lessons, oh and, some geography as well!!