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On talent from a talent-a-bit-less person

20 Aug

Amour, Reve, Imagination- or how i got to finally see what these ingredients can result in. I used to listen to how it sounded like, but seeing it live actually made me realize something that was going on for quite a while: how all people have talents although they may seem talent-less, even when knowing them for years. Some people are painters, others can sing, but the most extraordinary experience is when you discover people around you can lie in the most artistic manner you could think of, or perhaps they can put their hands on some needles and knit flawless toys, and even doing the laundry or googling something can be a form of art.

The tragedy of taking clothes out of the washing machine and realizing some of them were pink, others had violet stripes on them didn’t seem to be a form of joy, but when i realized my clothes actually did look pretty damn good, i started thinking about it as a hidden, unconscious talent i may have. that thought didn’t stay for long with me though.

However, i do believe people don’t always seem to take advantage of their talents and use them in a way they can perhaps lighten up the people around us. It’s more about using our talents to learn how to give. When you think of talent, most people think it is a way of making money, perhaps even making a living out of it. It’s a shame we choose to go down this road.