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Is Santa Claus a nazi?

19 Aug

Well, well, after sending my letter to Santa, which I do every year around this time, I was curious to try the nice-o-meter. And he told me I’ve been a bad girl and I should learn how to behave. Well, maybe i haven’t been that good this year, but I was just wondering…if i was a bad girl, what does Santa think of Adolf Hitler?

Surprise, surprise! Adolf Hitler has behaved much better than me, and Santa is really fond of him. Hmm, interesting!


Protected: Elections, corruption, lies, manipulation, misery.

15 Nov

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MUNEX, tango, revision?!, swine flu

28 Apr

After coming back at the university, i realized how happy i was to have survived the nightmare i’ve been through. There’s one important thing you learn very fast about England: The transport is terribly expensive, and they’re always doing engineering work on the railways and your plans always get fucked up. Then, I get home, and can’t even have a proper midnight (ish) conversation with someone as i instantly fall asleep. In order to apologize for the whole incident, the next day i ask the person to go out for a walk. And that wasn’t too lovely either, as i meet my dear friend Sarah who begs me to take part in the MUNEX conference. I try to tell her I’m not prepared, as i would have a lot to work and study, but she just can’t take no as an answer.

So this is how i ended up being a delegate of the Republic of Peru in the Model UN conference held at my university. And now that those days are over, I realize how lucky i was. I learned so many useful things, made loads of friends, listened to human rights experts such as Michael Freeman, and Moazzam Begg.
We had two interesting workshops from which we realized how well theory matches reality. Governments will always fight terrorism, and terrorists will get more and more angry, whilst no one will ever listen to what NGOs have to say. According to our topic ‘ War on Terror, War on Human Rights’, we had to find measures that will protect the human rights of the minorities acused of terrorist acts. In the end, we came up with a resolution which was fortunately passed.

Tango, tango…i completely fell in love with its passion and sensuality. And hopefully I will be part of a tango show which is going to take place on the 22nd of May at the university. As always, all the funds raised will go to Casa Manu.

Revision? Not much to say, I’m ill I can’t do much 😀 But i already started to freak out since there are less than 2 weeks left until my first exam, which will scarily be : Politics!

And the mighty swine flu that has now reached the UK. We get e-mails about the flu influenza and everything, people look at you in a very suspicious way if they notice you’ve got a cold, some make jokes about it, come on people, wake up, it’s just flu, it’s not AIDS!

Eastern Europe under Communism – Poland

18 Feb

‘There was something irrational, even aggressive, about the carnivorous obsession that now gripped the Poles…In an act of subconscious aggression, the population was literally eating away the foundations of the political structure.’
(Neal Ascherson, The Polish August: The Self-Limiting Revolution), London, Penguin Books, 1982, p. 117)

shiny, happy, tiny me

4 Feb

Recently ( actually since i’ve come back from home ), everything that happens to me, and everything i see is somehow related to the Netherlands.
Went to the airport: The passengers for the flight to Amsterdam are invited to check-in. I wish i could have gone there..
Got to England, then I arrived at the Victoria Station- next to me was sitting a Dutch lady who was living in Colchester.
In a week i had to start my Politics essay. The most interesting topic was : ‘Suppose you wanted to see a Dutch type of democracy introduced in Britain.
How would you set about it?’.

Then reading for the Politics class: Politics and government in the Netherlands: Historical background, facts, pilarisation, coalition government, the role of the minorities, theory and practice, comparison between the UK system of government and the Dutch one.

Then, i was in the library, looking for some Garcia Marquez books, but instead i find: ‘ Introduction to Dutch: A practical grammar’.
And 2 days after, i found a Dutch teacher, and after 2 more days, i lost my Dutch teacher. What a shame…een, twee, drie….

Going to London, looking for the tube map. Instead i find a huge advertisement: ‘Visit Amsterdam’.
And finally, got back from the lovely trip, went to the Study Abroad Office, to do the impossible to go to UVA in 2010. Apparently it is not one of the partner institutions, but they assured me that i will do my exchange year in Amsterdam 😀
So i guess i’m happy 🙂 I got good news 🙂

Oh ( not mine but ) Will’s days!

18 Jan

Haha, funny thing, what do mostly people do while they’re in England? Well, first of all, they complain about the weather, although sometimes it’s not that bad. Second of all, they drink…quite a lot. And tonight we got wasted! I mean, so wasted that after 5 hours my Finnish flatmate started to eat Aaron’s rice. But it wasn’t just that he stole food from that guy’s rice cooker. He also got some soy sauce to make it more tasty=))

So, we had a mixture of Canadian, German, Australian, Finnish, English, and Mexican drinks and we played drinking games. Which wasn’t quite a good idea because when you mix lots of things, most of them even stronger then vodka…you certainly won’t be able to walk anymore. So it was school disco tonight. None of the girls got to wear high heels. None of the guys were able to walk in a straight line. So we all went to the club, drank some more, and then when it all ended, got back to the flat to….drink some more :)) I mean, all those nice drinks had to be finished right?

What a happy night =)) I hope the Chinese guy won’t find out that Juho ate his rice, in fact, no one will probably remember anything. What can I say ? ‘Oh Will’s days ‘ =))

60th anniversary

10 Dec

In sfarsit mi-am invins lenea crunta si am decis sa particip la cateva seminars la mine la facultate. In mare parte profit de faptul ca nu am cursuri de franceza saptamana asta. De dimineata ( de fapt cam pe la 2 PM, adica dupa ce m-am trezit ), am mers la un seminar despre Human Rights, Terrorism and Ethnic Profiling. Cand am ajuns acolo am realizat ca era de fapt un curs informal pentru studentii din anul 2 sau 3, dar oricine putea sa join. Proful care a incurajat discutiile acum preda la mine la facultate. Stiu ca a facut undergraduate studies si Msc la London School of Economics, iar apoi a facut PhD-ul la Princeton. A fost foarte interesant pentru ca o ora intreaga am incercat sa gasim argumente pro si contra Ethnic ( sau Racial ) Profiling. S-au adus in discutie diverse exemple, cum ar fi arabii perchezitionati mereu in aeroporturi doar pentru ca sunt arabi, sau europenii care merg in Egipt. S-a ajuns si la exemple mult mai serioase. Ideea e ca maine se sarbatoresc 60 de ani de cand a fost data Declaratia Universala a Drepturilor Omului. Avem foarte multe evenimente in campus si mi-ar placea sa particip la toate, dar din pacate nu am timp. Amnesty International Society si Human Rights Society sunt foarte active. Maine o sa fie o expozitie pe tema ‘Stop Violance against Women’ care este menita sa stranga fonduri pentru un orasel de langa Mexico City unde, in ultimii 10 ani 500 de femei au fost ucise si inca 2000 au disparut.

Printre altele, astazi se implinesc deasemenea 60 de ani de la ‘The Genocide Convention’. Am fost azi la un talk despre genocid sustinut de un profesor de istorie si un expert in research regarding the genocide. Ne-au explicat detaliat cum a inceput totul si cel de-al doilea tip ne-a povestit 3 cazuri in care a fost direct implicat.
Apoi am vazut ‘La Vita e bella si am plans putin prin LTB 10. Lucru pe care nu-l mai facusem si care sper sa nu se repete :))

Mai multe despre ‘ The Genocide Convention’ puteti sa gasiti