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Is Santa Claus a nazi?

19 Aug

Well, well, after sending my letter to Santa, which I do every year around this time, I was curious to try the nice-o-meter. And he told me I’ve been a bad girl and I should learn how to behave. Well, maybe i haven’t been that good this year, but I was just wondering…if i was a bad girl, what does Santa think of Adolf Hitler?

Surprise, surprise! Adolf Hitler has behaved much better than me, and Santa is really fond of him. Hmm, interesting!


Protected: Elections, corruption, lies, manipulation, misery.

15 Nov

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The End

8 Jun

Ca sa-i fac pe plac lui Dan ( Dan, postul asta e scris special pentru tine 😛 ) m-am decis ca e pacat sa abandonez coltisorul asta de ‘virtual place’ .

M-am obisnuit deja in fiecare duminica sa parcurg drumul de la facultate pana la ‘La Tasca’. In fiecare duminica ajung ori mult prea devreme ori foarte tarziu din cauza autobuzelor care de fiecare data cand te grabesti o sa ajunga cu 45 de minute intarziere si de fiecare data cand realizezi ca ai ajuns prea devreme la bus stop si ai vrea sa mai pierzi din timp la taclale cu alti oameni, hopa si nenea cu bus-ul.

Si duminica asta s-a intamplat sa ajung mai devreme. Si mergand pe strazile pustii, ca nu vezi nici tipenie de om duminica, decat porumbei, ma gandeam ca orasul asta si tara asta in general are multe surprize de oferit. Nu mi-as fi inchipuit ca au si ei ‘manelistii’ si ‘ taranii’ lor (aka chavs), sau ca in general lumea e atat de politicoasa. Chiar deloc. Sau ca oamenii te opresc pe strada sa te intrebe diverse, de ex: ‘Do you have a spare fag?’ , ‘Do you have some change?’, sau poate chiar , ‘ Where is the North Station?’ si apoi iti multumesc de 100 000 000 de ori zicandu-ti ‘love’ , ‘sweetheart’, and so on.

Nu mi-as fi inchipuit ca un om poate sa bea 15 cans of beer si sa fie decat putin ametit, chiar deloc beat si cate tone de gunoi se pot strange la The End , cand toata lumea se aduna in squares sa petreaca. Si 2 zile mai apoi oriunde mergi calci pe cioburi de sticla. Zilele astea chiar mi-am adus aminte de melodia aia …’Walking on , walking on broken glass…lalala’.

Dar cred ca asta e farmecul pana la urma. Sa mergi la lac si sa stai sa tremuri in tricou si apoi cand ajungi acasa sa te trezesti all red, realizand cat de ciudat poate sa fie soarele de aici, stai 30 de minute , tremuri de frig si apoi marea minune. In viata mea nu am fost arsa de soare, cu sau fara sunsreen. Sa walk around si sa suporti ratele care te fugaresc si macaie sa le dai o bugata de burger sau niste fries. Sa te joci cu bobocii, sa lovesti cu racheta de tenis in tavan ca fac cei de sus galagie sambata dimineata la 9. Inteleg ca unii merg la biserica, dar nu se duc la nunta, de ce trebuie sa se scandalizeze atat ?

Apoi,realizezi ca a trecut aproape un an. Si ai facut multe nebunii, si nu dormeai deloc inainte de examene si la 7 dimineata cand nu mai rezistai iti faceai o cafea si plecai sprea human rights common room sa repeti, si gaseai acolo alti nefericiti care nici macar n-au avut the comfort of their room. Dar pana la urma, this is how it should be the life of a first year student. You have 4-5 years to be crazy, to do whatever you like, and then a lifetime to be serious.
Sunt convinsa ca cei care ma numeau pe mine si pe multi altii ‘insane’ pt ca terminam in 2 ore examenul si apoi dormeam pana puteam sa iesim o sa regrete ca nu au facut asta in primul an.

MUNEX, tango, revision?!, swine flu

28 Apr

After coming back at the university, i realized how happy i was to have survived the nightmare i’ve been through. There’s one important thing you learn very fast about England: The transport is terribly expensive, and they’re always doing engineering work on the railways and your plans always get fucked up. Then, I get home, and can’t even have a proper midnight (ish) conversation with someone as i instantly fall asleep. In order to apologize for the whole incident, the next day i ask the person to go out for a walk. And that wasn’t too lovely either, as i meet my dear friend Sarah who begs me to take part in the MUNEX conference. I try to tell her I’m not prepared, as i would have a lot to work and study, but she just can’t take no as an answer.

So this is how i ended up being a delegate of the Republic of Peru in the Model UN conference held at my university. And now that those days are over, I realize how lucky i was. I learned so many useful things, made loads of friends, listened to human rights experts such as Michael Freeman, and Moazzam Begg.
We had two interesting workshops from which we realized how well theory matches reality. Governments will always fight terrorism, and terrorists will get more and more angry, whilst no one will ever listen to what NGOs have to say. According to our topic ‘ War on Terror, War on Human Rights’, we had to find measures that will protect the human rights of the minorities acused of terrorist acts. In the end, we came up with a resolution which was fortunately passed.

Tango, tango…i completely fell in love with its passion and sensuality. And hopefully I will be part of a tango show which is going to take place on the 22nd of May at the university. As always, all the funds raised will go to Casa Manu.

Revision? Not much to say, I’m ill I can’t do much 😀 But i already started to freak out since there are less than 2 weeks left until my first exam, which will scarily be : Politics!

And the mighty swine flu that has now reached the UK. We get e-mails about the flu influenza and everything, people look at you in a very suspicious way if they notice you’ve got a cold, some make jokes about it, come on people, wake up, it’s just flu, it’s not AIDS!

My lovely campus in the morning

15 Mar

Going in the right direction?

11 Mar

I really think some people should mind their own business and get a life, instead of sitting all day long, doing nothing, and talking all sorts of things about others. This is not something which has to do with education, economy ( high living standards), or civilisation. It’s pure human nature, and it happens everywhere you go. Still, theft is something serious thing which is reduced by all the factors mentioned above.

You leave your lighter on a table, in a club, on Friday night, come back after 4 hours and find in the same place. Loads of people sat there, still no one took it, as it did not belong to them. Also, you leave your memory stick in a computer from a public lab, come back the next day, and find it exactly where you left it.

There are some things you can’t change about people, like the fact that you can’t change a mean and sly person, but in some respects, the more you go west, the more improvements you see concerning individuals, and the way they behave in the society.

Patrick Wolf@Colchester Arts Center

9 Mar

Patrick Wolf- I never dreamed of seeing him, and now I feel like i just woke up, and last night was not actually real. I waited for more than an hour in a terrible cold in front of the doors, just to be there in front of him, and see his artistic performance. And it was heavenly! The way he dances, the way he’s so nervous but in the same time so self-confident makes him so original. All those mixed emotions he is experiencing when he’s on stage. He’s more than a normal person, he’s an actor. He goes on the stage and does what he enjoyes the most. You could rarely see him looking at a certain person, or looking in your eyes, but in the same time he communicated with the public. For example, he was complaining that his latex shirt was too tight, and when a guy from the audiance suggested he should take it off, he invided him to do that later, after the show would have finished.

The way he was acting… i found myself sitting in front of a big man, tall, looking very strong, not fragile at all, but in the same time having all those gay gestures, you can’t actually say what he is, if he’s a human, or something else, beyond that. And then i thought of my potaie, the way she would have reacted if she had been there to see that libertine, that fearless creature…