Music I (would) recommend


Purple Rain (live)

It was quite hard to find this video but i finally managed. Now the whole world will know that i have a crush on him. In the 80s , Prince had a few hits, but his recent albums are simply amazing.
I would like to recommend Musicology (2004) and 3121 (2005), and bare in mind that since then Prince has released two more albums: Planet Earth (2007), and his last one LOtUSFLOW3R (March 2009), which is a set of 3 albums.

Prince has very good songs, and when you listen to his albums you think: ‘this is amazing’. And that means his live performances are more than just amazing.

2. I could never take the place of your man
3.Sweet thing



Amour, Imagination, Reve

Although I love all their albums, and most recently, i bought all of them, i can say my favourite is Moon safari.
I listen to this song (All i need) every day, cause ‘I can’t breath without A.I.R’
The video is not the official one, it’s filmed in London by some very creative people.


Jamie Cullum

Young, beautiful, loads of talent, and since he is a jazzman, he is absolutely fantastic when he improvises.
First video-quite imspired moment he had, when all you get is rain, you start singing, but then, when you’ve got rain for such a long time, you could use some ‘dry’ days, and an umbrella would definitely help.

Now the second video, is 3in1. You’ve got a bit of Jamie Cullum, you’ve got charming Katie Melua whom i also love, and a beautiful song, from one of my favourite bands ever: The Cure (:* the love cats)


Balkan Music

The South-Eastern European music has always fascinated me. And that’s not because I’m E-European. Perhaps the best artist who makes such music would be Goran Bregovic. I will post a very nice song which was also the soundtrack for the film Arizona Dream:

Iggy Pop, Goran Bregovic

In the Death Car

And a bit of Emir Kusturika

Duj Sandale (great video)

And some Romanian rock music from the 70s. A sort of a cover for the famous song ‘Ciocarlia’, commposed by George Enescu (see wikipedia)



Woke up this morning wishing to add a bit of Swedish taste to my breakfast.



2 Responses to “Music I (would) recommend”

  1. dana August 9, 2009 at 6:31 pm #

    Thank you for sharing some of your wonderful music tastes ;)!

  2. Adelaide Vroshevski August 9, 2009 at 6:44 pm #

    My pleasure senorita 🙂

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