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MUNEX, tango, revision?!, swine flu

28 Apr

After coming back at the university, i realized how happy i was to have survived the nightmare i’ve been through. There’s one important thing you learn very fast about England: The transport is terribly expensive, and they’re always doing engineering work on the railways and your plans always get fucked up. Then, I get home, and can’t even have a proper midnight (ish) conversation with someone as i instantly fall asleep. In order to apologize for the whole incident, the next day i ask the person to go out for a walk. And that wasn’t too lovely either, as i meet my dear friend Sarah who begs me to take part in the MUNEX conference. I try to tell her I’m not prepared, as i would have a lot to work and study, but she just can’t take no as an answer.

So this is how i ended up being a delegate of the Republic of Peru in the Model UN conference held at my university. And now that those days are over, I realize how lucky i was. I learned so many useful things, made loads of friends, listened to human rights experts such as Michael Freeman, and Moazzam Begg.
We had two interesting workshops from which we realized how well theory matches reality. Governments will always fight terrorism, and terrorists will get more and more angry, whilst no one will ever listen to what NGOs have to say. According to our topic ‘ War on Terror, War on Human Rights’, we had to find measures that will protect the human rights of the minorities acused of terrorist acts. In the end, we came up with a resolution which was fortunately passed.

Tango, tango…i completely fell in love with its passion and sensuality. And hopefully I will be part of a tango show which is going to take place on the 22nd of May at the university. As always, all the funds raised will go to Casa Manu.

Revision? Not much to say, I’m ill I can’t do much 😀 But i already started to freak out since there are less than 2 weeks left until my first exam, which will scarily be : Politics!

And the mighty swine flu that has now reached the UK. We get e-mails about the flu influenza and everything, people look at you in a very suspicious way if they notice you’ve got a cold, some make jokes about it, come on people, wake up, it’s just flu, it’s not AIDS!